Personal Styling

Special Occasion & Event Styling

Looking your best for any occasion is important but when you have a special occasion, finding THE one special look can be time consuming and stressful. Let's work together! I will find you the best options with in-home fittings for added convenience. From special appearances to black tie events, looking and feeling your absolute best has never been easier.

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Personal & Branding Photo Shoot

A branding photoshoot are professional photos that showcase your business, product/service and personality visually. It tells your potential clients your brands story and what makes you unique, building trust and connection with your audience. Whether your goal is to be aspirational or just relatable, making sure you are dressed in alignment with your band is critical for your business. Let's talk about brand colors, your personality and what you want to convey to your audience to achieve the best looks for your next branding shoot. 

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Personal Shopping

If you know what you are looking for but just need help finding it then personal shopping is for you. Personal shopping has less emphasis on styling and more focus on saving you time and energy when it comes to finding the items you want. I will use my stylist eye to find the best options and complementary items when requested. This service is great for personal items and with gifting.

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Styling Sessions (Capsule Wardrobe) Styling Packages

Are you ready to start a new wardrobe and align your style with your best self? These packages will help you jump start your new image in the most effective and efficient way. We will discuss who you are and where you are going in life, finding a way to align your style and image to achieve your desired outcome. We can start small or we can do a major overhaul. Either way let's get started!

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Full-Time Personal Stylist

(Retainer Based Service with 3 month commitment)

If you are in the public eye often then your image should be a priority. Having a full-time stylist on your team to help manage your style and craft your image can be a game changer in ways you can not imagine. Showing up as your best "well dressed" self can help you make major strides towards landing partnerships that matter and unlocking new opportunities. I will make looking your best intentional, fun and incredibly convenient for you.

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How It Works

1. Fill out the new client intake form.

2. Consultation & Build Client Profile

3. Research & Collect Information

4. Shop

5. Fitting

6. Enjoy New Clothes

The process varies from service to service. We can talk more in-depth on your specific project during our consultation. If you have more general questions feel free to email me here.

Deposits & Payments

- $75 Consultation fee is due at confirmation of appointment via invoice sent by me. When you select your service this fee will be applied to your total balance.

- 50% deposit is due at booking of service and final payment is due when service is complete.

- Prices are not listed because each service is customized and flexible to your specific needs.

- General starting fee is $1,200.

Wardrobe Budget

- Styling fees are separate from the wardrobe budget. The client is fully responsible for the wardrobe budget. 

- I work with all budgets and can advise on the best budget based on your project or styling service of choice.

- I generally recommend a mixture of high and mid price point items to create a well curated wardrobe that will last. 

Lets transform your style!

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